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Database Administration

Our consultants have literally decades of experience working with databases in multiple platforms. Their robust, real world experience goes far beyond typical academic best practices, but incorporates lessons learned from handling the most complex systems.
We have experience working with many databases, with particularly deep experience working with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
Our Database Administration services provide installation, management, and support for databases and database based systems using multiple platforms including various forms of Unix/Linux as well as windows. This includes the infrastrucure required by many software and vendor packages used throughout your business. Based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that can be customized for our clients, our Database Administration services can provide a variety of hosting services including: installation of database software, set up and configuration of databases, database security, patching of databases, tuning and performance analysis, troubleshooting, functional backup support through the database software vendor tools for backup and recovery strategies and scenarios. (Additional cost may be incurred for backups to "off- site" locations, including tape).
  • Installation of database software on a virtual or physical server Either at your location, our location or in the cloud.
  • Setup of database on server and database configuration either per user specifications or install guide for vendor provided solutions
  • Complete database life cycle implementation.
  • Database performance analysis and tuning as needed.
  • Database monitoring as needed.
  • Patching of database software.
  • Upgrading of database software to new releases.
  • Set up of backup scripts Recovery/restore from backup support.
  • Database troubleshooting.