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Data Loss Prevention

The Data Loss Prevention services are a software solution that can identify and protect restricted data and intellectual property, and provide support for regulatory compliance.

The service discovers restricted data at rest on endpoint and servers.

The Data Loss Prevention service benefits your business in the following ways:
  • Leverage enterprise-wide monitoring, discovery, and protection of restricted data.
  • Assistance with targeted education and awareness efforts for colleagues across your enterprise around the appropriate best practices of data security.
  • Core DLP service offering for managing restricted data (including identification, discovery methodology, collection, access control and remediation best practices).
  • Distributed architecture model that supports the controls and resource requirements across the departments and colleges.
  • Improved visibility of restricted data leaving your enterprise.
  • Protection of Research & Intellectual Property Data
  • Process for monitoring, managing and remediating data incidents.
    What's Included
    - Software for endpoints and servers
    - Web-based console access to manage DLP at the local level.
    Console capabilities include:
    - Scan configuration, including the type of scan to be run
    - Stop, start and rescan capabilities
    - Reporting

  • Hashed credential creation within the business unit
  • Training (including service orientation, documentation, remediation and escalation process overview)