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Virtualization Services

Does your IT organization spend most of their time maintaining IT infrastructure instead of focusing on your business's next application needs?

Is your IT organization able to meet your changing needs for capacity and performance?

Virtualizing your computing environment will simplify your IT infrastructure, free your IT staff from spending their time on infrastructure maintenance and allows you to focus IT on initiatives to support your strategic businesses goals.

Virtualization such as cloud hosting services improves the efficiency, availability and performance of IT resources and applications. Virtualization reduces capital expenses for computing and storage and scales operating costs with expected and unexpected computing demands. Whether you utilize cloud services for disaster recovery or host server environments, you can mitigate your risks from hardware failure, avoid on site power loss and increase mobility by relying on us to virtualize your computing and storage systems.

Our IT solutions consultants are your extended staff to help you design and implement the hosted solutions that best fits your business.

Cloud Hosting
  • Add new capacity quickly-configured the way you want it, without hardware delays, costs and risk
  • Respond to sudden, seasonal, or variable demands without fire drills, late nights and budget overruns
  • Businesses running VMware typically save 50-70% by consolidating their IT resources
  • Deploy a private cloud solution to meet the following requirements to move on-premises physical or virtual hardware to the cloud
  • Extend your on-premises virtualized private environment to the cloud, and manage entire virtualized environment through a single interface
  • Private Cloud is provided via dedicated resources enabling a business to maintain security and privacy policies and to maintain complete control over their own Cloud environment.
  • VMware vCenter for centralized management, scalability and control with complete visibility, customizable dashboards, real-time performance and capacity analytics
  • Dedicated Server
  • Easily install, customize, and scale applications you need in a private, secure, dedicated server environment
  • Choose from a prebuilt dedicated server or custom-build your own dedicated server solution
  • Experienced server engineers to build and manage your dedicated server so you can focus on growing your business
  • Dedicated Hosting Servers offered with managed hosting plan option
  • Web Hosting
  • Fully-managed shared hosting solutions to support your organization's needs
  • Hosted in an enterprise-class Data Center ensures your hosted site will always be available and operating