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About Us and History

Upon launch in 1984, our founder, Paul Stearns, chose to focus on developing custom application solutions and building websites for companies venturing into the world of e-commerce. The Web was in its infancy, but they saw the enormity of its potential.

Initially, Advanced Consulting Enterprises devoted itself to building websites for small- and medium-sized businesses. Our sites were and are innovative and forward-thinking – but most importantly, they helped clients meet their business goals by integrating systems and creating efficiencies.

The Web and the devices it is delivered on, never stop evolving, and Advanced Consulting Enterprises continues to evolve with it. We now serve as consultants and technology partners for Fortune 500 companies, responsible for all end-to-end application and development solutions including content management.

We serve our customers with a thoughtful combination of strategy, creativity and, of course, technology. It’s the perfect combination for achieving digital success currently while planning for the future.

Timeline and Key Projects


Paul Stearns established Advanced Consulting Enterprises as a sole proprietorship after having worked as an IT consultant for the prior 7 years.

1984 to 1987
  • Provided wide and local area network and telephony consulting services to a medical equipment manufacturer.
  • Developed back-office accounting application (A/R, A/P, G/L) in VAX COBOL for a wholesale travel agency.
  • Assumed control of VAX FORTRAN based reservations systems.
  • Put together a team and managed the two data centers for the wholesale travel agency. This included ongoing software development and support, as well as all other aspects of IT department. Reported directly to the CEO of travel agency.
  • Developed a personnel management system for a personnel agency in VAX BASIC.
    Formed Advanced Consulting Enterprises, Inc.
1998 to 1990
  • Converted donations management system for a nationwide evangelical ministry from PDP11 CTS to VAX VMS.
  • Converted existing mortgage servicing application from PDP-11 DIBOL to Visual FoxPro.
  • Began small scale manufacture of PCs and servers.
  • Began servicing local small and medium sized businesses network needs.
1990 to 1995
  • Reverse engineered core components of insurance agency’s policy management system written in PDP-11 BASIC.
  • Took over support of school inspection tracking system for local school board. Written using Unix scripting language.
  • Converted 10,000-person payroll system from PDP-11 BASIC to VAX BASIC.
  • Implemented inventory management, sales, shipping and accounts receivable system for a large vegetable grower/packer using an Oracle and Oracle Forms & Reports.
  • Converted insurance agency policy management system from PDP-11 BASIC to VAX BASIC.
1996 to 2000
  • Implemented inspection system for local school board to track all safety violations in all school facilities. This was written in Visual FoxPro.
  • Worked as an expert authority with insurance adjusters in determining the legitimacy of IT related insurance claims.
  • Converted Sperry RPG mainframe insurance applications (policy management through claims) to RPG running under Tru64 Unix on DEC Alphas.
  • Took on role of CIO for insurance company with 450+ employees. Managed a staff of 20+ IT professionals.
  • Implemented a workflow system for claims department of an insurance company using an Oracle database, and Oracle Forms and Reports.
  • Implemented a web-based insurance agent inquiry system that would extract data from Unix based RPG system, populate an Oracle database, with ASP for the presentation layer.
  • Managed year 2000 compliance projects for 30+ customers, including software, hardware and networking components.
2000 to 2005
  • Managed the IT portion of an undercover investigation resulting in shutting down an intellectual property theft operation.
  • Implemented web-based inspection system for insurance company, to inspect businesses prior to insuring them. Used ASP and Oracle for the database.
  • Implemented claims management system for an insurance company.
  • Converted character-based Oracle Forms and Reports cancer registry system to GUI based Oracle Forms and Reports.
  • Implemented patient/drug tracking system for a doctor-based pharmacy. Written in VB6 and Microsoft Access as the database.
  • Implemented firearm serial number tracking system to provide ATF compliance for gun manufacturer. Written in Visual FoxPro.
  • Implemented web-based data entry modules for cancer registry using ASP with Oracle as the database.
  • Implemented time accounting system for the informatics department of a university-based cancer research center in Oracle Forms and Reports using an Oracle database.
2006 to 2010
  • Took over ongoing maintenance and enhancements of guardian management system written in character-based Oracle Forms and Reports running on Unix.
  • Implemented cancer center research benchmarking survey in ASP with MYSQL as the database.
  • Took over maintenance and enhancements of all systems used by major university-based cancer research center to manage day to day operations. The systems included Grant Management, Publication Management, Personnel Management, Time Accounting System and Management Analysis System.
  • Presentation layer was ColdFusion with Microsoft SQL Server as the database.
  • Took over maintenance and enhancements of cancer registry systems written using Oracle tools and ASP. This includes major and minor revisions of all software as dictated by requirements from various governing agencies.
  • Implemented Inquiry module for guardian management system, written in ASP with Oracle as the database.
  • Converted guardian management system from character-based Oracle Forms and Reports to Adobe Flex for the presentation layer with ASP .NET as the middle tier while maintaining the Oracle database layer.
2011 to 2015
  • Converted GUI based Oracle Forms and Reports, as well as web/ASP based data entry module for cancer registry to Adobe Flex for the presentation layer with ASP .NET as the middle tier while maintaining the Oracle database layer.
  • Created prototype flowsheet system for dialysis clinic holding company.
  • Converted cancer registries in house oracle-based editing to use CDC standard EDITS API.
  • Implemented tumor consolidation module. Written in VB .NET, as discrete DLLs where logic is separated from IO, so that it could be used by other cancer registries with dissimilar databases.
  • Implemented Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Project enhanced abstract tracking system for cancer registry. Written using Adobe Flex, ASP .NET and Oracle as the database.
  • Implemented Processing Abstracts from Claims System (PACS) for cancer registry. Written using Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Implemented computer generated statistics for cancer registry’s annual report. Written in Oracle PL/SQL, Adobe Flex, ASP .NET.
  • Redesigned and implemented cancer registry’s website.
2016 to Current
  • Implemented conversion of pathology text-based data to data elements integrated into registry data warehouse.
  • Wrote web-based Learning Management system supporting 50 discrete learning centers and over 3,000 students with course sharing.
  • Designed and implemented network for dialysis clinic holding company.
  • Maintained and enhanced as required Cancer Registry data systems.
  • Maintained and enhanced guardianship program software systems.
  • Implemented DR plan for guardianship program.
  • Migrated environmental sciences project management system from .NET v1.0 to v4.6.
  • Enhanced environmental sciences project management system to include process control.
  • Migrated various applications from Adobe/Apache Flash to Adobe/Harman AIR.

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