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Founded in 1984 by Paul Stearns, with nearly 40 years of experience in software and technology design, integration, and deployment, we’re passionate about delivering our customers quality solutions!

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Advanced Consulting Enterprises, Inc. (ACE) was founded in 1984, and incorporated in Florida. The main focus of ACE has been, and continues to be the implementation of leading edge computer systems hardware, communications technology and software application development. In 1984 the leading edge technologies included minicomputers, analog modems, and the beginnings of networking. Over the last 25 years the leading edge has progressed to massively integrated networks, from handheld devices, desk tops, and notebooks to server farms and cloud/virtualization platforms. ACE has been implementing IT infrastructure and developing software to integrate these technologies each step of the way.


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With over 100+ years of experience, collectively, Advanced Consulting Enterprises has highly skilled project teams experienced in Internet and cloud technologies, datacenter, networking, accounting and inventory systems, office automation and many other tools for running your business more efficiently.


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We provide our clients with complete, highly adaptable solutions in custom software development and datacenter technologies, as well as consulting and administration tailored to their specific requirements.

We take the time to listen and study the needs of your business. We keep you informed about the status and progress at all stages of the process, and encourage active customer participation throughout the project. We carefully adhere to your exact specifications, avoiding costly changes later.

Working in close cooperation with our clients allows us to stay on-track and within budget, while architecting and implementing solutions that precisely suit the customers’ business.

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