Design and Implementation

Advanced Consulting Enterprises, Inc. has worked with database technologies for decades. We understand that your database infrastructure is the foundation of your business. Whether a solution is hosted on-premise or in the cloud, we can design, implement, repair, enhance, and support your infrastructure.

To properly design and implement a database requires a deep understanding of the business requirements. We take the time to listen and study the needs of your business. We keep you informed about the status and progress of the development at all stages of the process. Our project process is inclusive. We encourage active customer participation throughout our projects.

Supported Technologies

Custom Database Development

Our team of experienced consultants can help build new databases or enhance existing ones in all major database platforms. We have particularly deep experience in Oracle and SQL Server, but our consultants have decades of experience each in complex database design, implementation, stored procedure development, index tuning, and data modeling.

Effective database design and implementation is critical to applications working well, especially in the long term. Once you know the data you want to store we direct our expertise in database design to ensure that the data will be stored and accessed efficiently, and will continue to work well under high load scenarios and when the database has grown in size. One of our strengths is developing enterprise class scalable implementations, even when the application initially seems limited in scope.

The first step in developing systems is analysis. To steal a phrase from the construction trade, “Measure twice, cut once.” When translated to analysis, we make sure that we understand the project needs completely before we begin our database design.

Good database design is the next and most important step in having a database that performs well long term. The other key area is how you access and consume that data. The key to developing scalable applications is a fundamental understanding of how to work with all components of the specific environment available. This includes an understanding of the hardware and operating system environment that the database resides in as well as the features available in the database. The goal is to provide the data needed as quickly as possible while incurring the lowest overhead on the system delivering the data. This can involve using technologies such as:

  • Caching data in your application – making sure you don’t re-read more data than is required.
  • Appropriate indexing – databases have indexing technologies to speed up finding specific data. Implemented correctly, they are vital to maintain database performance.
  • Using the right methods to access data – there are many ways for your applications to access the data. We have expertise in choosing the right methods, and ensuring it works fast and securely as possible.
  • Defining where data is at the hardware level – getting databases right isn’t just about getting the software set up right. There are useful techniques for improving performance by setting up how you manage the database hardware/software relationship.
  • Multiple server environments – working with large enough databases to require more than one server? We have experience working with multi-server environments using technologies such as log shipping and replication.

Database Conversion

Converting data can be a far more difficult and time consuming task than most people account for, not only is it long and tedious work but most data conversion requires some sort of predisposed knowledge of the nature of the data being converted, as well as knowledge or experience in working with various data conversion programs that may be needed throughout the task.

If you are without this knowledge and real world experience when you attempt a data conversion then you can find it very difficult, if not impossible. If you find yourself having to do some data conversion but you lack the previous knowledge and experience to do it adequately, or you’d like it to be handled by professionals, then get help from our data conversion service today!

One of the tricky things about data conversion is that it has to be very accurate and meticulous if you want it to be converted data that you can rely on, and it has to be consistent as well, and these are things that people often struggle to accomplish. When it comes to our data conversion services we work tirelessly not just to make sure that they are of the highest quality, but also that they are easily accessible, always available, and that the entire working process is simple and hassle free so you can always come to us and take advantage of our data conversion services without having to worry about other things.

One thing that separates us from other data conversion services out there is the breadth of our professional experience. We have seasoned veterans that have experience with doing data conversion for some of the most complex and “dirty” data imaginable, working with all different kinds of systems. No matter what you come to us for help with and no matter what you need we’ve got a data conversion specialist suited perfectly to get you the help you need. 

Database Administration

We have experience working with many databases, with particularly deep experience working with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
Our Database Administration services provide installation, management, and support for databases and database based systems using multiple platforms including various forms of Unix/Linux as well as windows. This includes the infrastructure required by many software and vendor packages used throughout your business. Based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that can be customized for our clients, our Database Administration services can provide a variety of hosting services including: installation of database software, set up and configuration of databases, database security, patching of databases, tuning and performance analysis, troubleshooting, functional backup support through the database software vendor tools for backup and recovery strategies an

  • Installation of database software on a virtual or physical server Either at your location, our location or in the cloud.
  • Setup of database on server and database configuration either per user specifications or install guide for vendor provided solutions.
  • Complete database life cycle implementation.
  • Database performance analysis and tuning as needed.
  • Database monitoring as needed.
  • Patching of database software.
  • Upgrading of database software to new releases.
  • Set up of backup scripts Recovery/restore from backup support.
  • Database troubleshooting.

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