Turnkey Software Solutions

We provide a complete software implementation process, starting with software design and development, software quality assurance testing, software deployment, further software upgrades and enhancements.

The core software design and development services provided by our seasoned software veterans include, but not limited to, desktop application development, high-end client-server application development, enterprise application development and building end-to-end enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions, re-engineering, software systems maintenance and support.

Our software engineers have gained profound experience and proven background in most languages with a particularly deep skill set in the Microsoft .NET platform, Java, Adobe Flash / Flex, and other tools and technologies gained through successful implementation and delivery of custom software solutions in diverse industries.

We provide a team of professional technical consultants who can assist you in selecting the right custom software solution by analyzing functional, technical, operational, and financial requirements. All our consulting engagements start with defining and understanding your business issues. Not only do our consultants grasp your specific needs, but also strive to apprehend exactly what you seek.

With such attention-to-detail, our team of business and technical consultants undertakes a profound requirements analysis, needs assessments and strategic planning, resulting in elaboration of a Statement of Work document covering all issues required for your custom software design and development.

We follow standardized and refined software development processes that provide a flexible and scalable framework for delivering any project (regardless of size or complexity) on time, within budget and with high quality meeting both current and future IT challenges of our customers. This methodology is applied to each custom software application development project to ensure the quality and reliability of products we develop for you.

Systems Integration

Despite all the time and money companies have poured into information systems in recent years, many still aren’t seeing the value they planned for when they made those investments. As fast as business changes, it’s not hard to see why. After a few years, or even by the time a new solution is in place, the environment can shift significantly.

Our Systems Integration practice helps clients bring focus to their toughest integration challenges across the technology lifecycle. From requirements to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond, we bring an integrated, “whole company” perspective to every project.

Our systems integration services can cover implementation of commercial off the shelf software along with the integration of multiple hardware and software platforms including custom network design, software development, and data interfaces needed to make your information systems properly connected so that your business processes are optimized.

Mobile Applications

The need for mobile-ready websites and mobile applications continues to grow.  As such, traditional websites need to present positive experiences that are optimized for hand-held devices with smaller screens and other limitations.

Along with new challenges, mobile also presents marketers with new opportunities. At a trade show or industry conference, potential clients might access a presenter’s website to learn more about capabilities. Visitors to an unfamiliar city will find parking, restaurants and shopping integrated with maps via web searches.

These mobile, location-specific, and contextual marketing opportunities will continue to grow as mobile devices with robust capabilities become more prolific.

We have experience in modern mobile web and application development services, including the providing following:

  • Mobile marketing plans and strategic consulting services
  • Mobile-optimized versions of websites, creating either “mobile first” or responsive design interfaces
  • Mobile web applications which provide powerful capabilities to hand-held devices through a browser
  • Native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices
  • Mobile Development Technologies

Our mobile development practice incorporates the following technologies:

  • HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript
  • jQuery Mobile
  • PhoneGap
  • Sencha
  • Android development
  • iOS development
  • Web-based mobile development

Web Development

Whether you’re looking for a fast, intuitive user experience or a custom integration that exceeds what a Software-as-a-Service solution can do or restricted in pre-built options, we can create a custom web solution to meet your needs.

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